Renée de Nève Photography Renée de Nève Photography


October 29th, 2023

The lines of the tubes are like the lines on my hand. Engrained in my skin. Part of my dna.

A never ending town. So many faces. So fast changing places. Each time, a whole new world emerges. Remnants remain of the old world. Look closely and you’ll see.

The streets will always be narrow and tight. Polluted. Congested. No matter the price of the c charge right.

Worlds of classes. The riches and the not so riches. Middle class you say? Na. It is either, or.

A ldn heart is unique. You cannot find it elsewhere. Kent, Croydon, Oxford. Na, it aint the same. The blood runs faster. There aint no slow pace. If you aint fast paced, be warned you will be fast not embraced. Keep up rush hour. Be warned.

Norf, Souf divided by waters. East, West divided by money.

The tales of London must go on. A place I love and is my dna. But a place that goes on for most part without me.

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