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Laura Pannack
she takes exceptional portraits of people and does so consistently 
Simon Roberts - his early documentary work was right up my street and his political documentation a significant reflection of historic political times 
Tyler Mitchell  - 23 years old  and a legend in the making 
David Campany - My lecturer who is nothing but quirky and talented writer 
Dorrell Merritt - I have followed Dorrell since Flickr times and his photography always carries a certain depth 
Rosie Matheson - She is the queen of entrepreneurial photographers
Walker Evans - He is one of the first photographer whose work I explored in depth and he at the time resigned to do things in his way rather than the norm at the time
Vicky Grout - I love her love for analogue photography and her work will prove to be important looking back on youth culture 
Daniel Regan - He shares a passion for mental health that so few do and carries an honesty in his work and personality that is very admirable and raw
Natasha Caruana - She gave a talk at Photo Forum on Valentines Day and it blew me away. Love is not a common theme within the photographic but a theme you see her progress just as life progresses
Alec Soth - The King needs no further explanation
Jason Evans - He is the definition of thinking outside the box 
Edmund Clark - His research and access privilege is incredible 
Alison Jackson - Love the comedy and exploration of celeb cult 
Rhiannon Adam - Only recently discovered her work and the inspiration came bursting out of me 
Nan Goldin - Her work is sometimes perceived as snapshot quality but throughout her works she shows her talents of not only documenting those around her but the full technical abilities to do so
Danielle Madeley - One to watch for the future of British documentary 
John Myers - I actually love black and white photography and he is definitely whose work I can identify 
Emily Coxhead - One who has made it big these past couple of years, I have followed her since Uni days and she is a super talented illustrator and just an all round positive influencer
Harley Weir - If you have not seen it, go and take a look now
Alex F Webb 
Niall McDiarmid -
His photos are sprinkles of magic and depth of amazing colours

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