Renée de Nève Photography Renée de Nève Photography


June 7th, 2021

I have been sick with the cold. A bad, annoying cold. The only good thing about having a cold is that I have the same obsession as Phoebe from Friends in regards to my voice. I like to think and feel a bit sexier. Whether or not that is actually the case, is a matter of opinion, but still, it’s good to think and feel the positives of being ill. It’s sunny and warm and it’s causing my spirits to feel good and exciting. Excitement for the outdoors. Everything is green and more colourful. More so my little Fluffy can sunbathe the day away and that makes me smile. I feel lucky in many ways. I looked outside of the window and saw nature right in front of my eyes, with the sound of birds and just a general quietness, I am still not quite used, but appreciate with abundance.

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