“The Lost Generation”

“The Lost Generation” - a collaborative newspaper project started from my increasing awareness and concern of the use of the term ‘lost generation’ in relation to the coverage of youth unemployment. The newspaper details the experiences of 11 young adults from around the UK aged 18 – 28 who are or were unemployed or who have or have had difficulty in finding employment within the sector they are skilled in.

Using portrait photography and giving each sitter their own voice through writing in their own words, I wanted to get the chance to meet my generation and bring their experiences of challenging employment opportunities directly to the forefront. To give a sense of the complexities faced by each individual, but also the widths and depths many of us go through to acquire skills, experience and knowledge to further ourselves.

I wanted to bring an awareness to the realities, the struggles and the hope and dreams of our young people today. As well as help to dispel any myths around young peoples lack of ambition, work ethic or that the problem is so far down the road, we cannot find a way back. I hope that this project will spark a debate on our current state of youth unemployment and realise the potential pool of talent waiting to be untapped, reaping potential rewards for our society and economy.

You can purchase a copy of the newspaper for a nominal fee in the SHOP menu option. Your purchase will help massively towards the printing costs and your support will be hugely appreciated by myself and all involved in the project.

Limited edition from one print run only
289 × 380 mm
11 colour photographs
52 gsm newsprint classic tabloid style
Printed on traditional press and 100% recycled paper