“The Lost Generation” online newspaper launch‏

November 5, 2013 at 5:57 pm




Yay I am so excited to now finally be able to distribute the “The Lost Generation” newspaper through an online store. If you didn’t get the opportunity to get your hands on the “The Lost Generation” newspaper in the summer you can now purchase it online for a small fee. All proceeds will help massively towards the printing costs and your support will be hugely appreciated by myself and everyone who have been involved. You can click here to buy your copy now.
For anyone who knows me, they will know I am very passionate about the current issue of youth unemployment. As a young person myself I can see first hand how deep this issue can affect those around me but the wider communities. I’ve always had a vested interest in current affairs and as you may well know this is an issue that is consistently in the media. But it’s not just unemployment that I wanted to tackle, it was the deeper issue of the next generation finding fulfilling employment.




My aim is to very much to continue this “The Lost Generation” project throughout 2014 so if you or know anyone who is affected by unemployment or struggling to get their desired job aged 16-30, please get in touch info@reneedeneve.co.uk . I am very keen to hear from those affected, but particularly those who have been struggling for months or even years.